The eighth issue of Art tomorrow is now out
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  About Us

Publishing License: Zahra  Zehtab
Chief Editor: Dr. Hamid Keshmirshekan
Editorial Board: Dr. Behnam Kamrani , Dr. Hamid Keshmirshekan, Dr. Alireza Sami Azar, Hamid Severi , Mohammad Bagher Ziaei
Advisory Board: Aydin Aghdashloo (artist, critic), Professor James W Allan (Oxford University), Kaveh Bakhtiyar (RAS, London), Mohammad Beheshti (cultural heritage researcher), Dr. Sheila Canby (Metropolitan Museum of Art), Dr. Anna Contadini (SOAS, University of London), Dr. Chiristiane Gruber (Indiana University), Morteza Kazemi (art and culture researcher), Sadegh Kharrazi (author, researcher), Catherine Millet (Chief Editor, Art Press), Dr. Hassan Namakdoost (Professor of Journalism, HTC), Professor Daryoush Shayegan (cultural theorist, comparative philosopher), Edward Lucie-Smith (freelance author, curator), Dr. Mohammad Zeymaran (Art University, Tehran)
Editorial Assistants : Ima Shahandeh, Mitra Hoviat talab 
Associate Editor, Review Section: Ima Shahandeh
Associate Editor, Essay Section:Azar Mahmoudian
Associate Editor, Art Marker Section: Mitra Hoviat Talab

International Section: Azita Ebadi

Art Director: Farhad Fozouni
Layout: Studio Tehran (Shokouh Ahmadi)

Logotype: Iman Raad
Photography: Najaf Shokri, Ali Zare
Website: Tehran Institute of Technology
Persian copy editing: Babak Atashinjan
English copy editing: Dr. Jeffery Harrison
English translation:  Aisling Haghshenas, Bouna Alkhas
Persian translation:Vahidollah Mousavi, Keyvan Mousavi Aghdam, Payam Parishanzadeh
Art tomorrow: No.26, North Allameh Street, Sa’adat-Abad, Postal Code: 1997996115, Tehran, Iran. Tel: (0098) 21 22061024

Mission and Objectives :
The main objective of Art Tomorrow is to focus on contemporary Iranian art and art and art of Middle East by providing a forum for scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts; as an insightful and intellectual response to the necessity of the encouragement of knowledge of art criticism, critical theory and in general art appreciation in region. It intends to be an exclusive voice in the field, both nationally and internationally, as a peer-reviewed, professionally mediated forum for visual arts; operation in the space between commercial publishing, academic and artistic presses. It aims at playing a leading role as a tribune for contemporary Iranian and regional art, both for its choice of artists and its coverage of the most up-to-date trends and events. An unprecedented art journal in the field in Iran, it moreover aims to be pedagogically useful by making links between theoretical issues and their use in teaching at university levels. It will explore relationship between diverse forms of art practice and production, as well as between art creation, art history, visual studies, theory, and criticism. Being responsive to issues of the moment in visual arts, both nationally and globally, and promoting dialogue and debate, it moreover will give a voice and publication opportunity to artists, art historians, curators and other writers/authors in the arts. It will feature established artists and also highlight new currents in art practice in the region, offering a fresh perspective on emerging artists. It will cover exhibition reviews, interviews, city reports and worldwide listings. It also will address market analysts in a regular column which will provide inside information on the workings of the regional and international contemporary art market.

The audience of Art Tomorrow will then be extensive including a vast variety of artists both professional and emerging, art scholars interested in contemporary non-western ( in particular Iranian) art, art students, art universities as well as collectors and art lovers.